Glenn Tipton

This is a website dedicated to the life of the prominent musician Glenn Tipton. This is a fan website with no commercial intentions. It is a homage to this fantastic musician.

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My friend and colleague Gisela Paterno is a fabulous classical composer, concert guitarist and artist.

We thought to create this page about our idol from the perspective of classical composers and musicians who are fans of an iconic Rock band as Judas Priest is. We work at Piano Lessons London by WKMT in London.

I hope our job makes honour to this fantastic group. The intention of this page is to serve as enthusiastic information about this outstanding musician and his production.

We are not funded or anything so we are putting time aside of our daily schedule to make this site slowly better and better.


The magnificent Glenn Tipton was born in England. Birmingham to be more precise.

He performed the guitar, he became a fantastic songwriter, and he also realised himself as a producer. His world-famous band “Judas Priest” remained his “music” home for nearly forty years.
His production also covers solo work. He managed to produce two solo albums while playing for “Judas Priest”.

His inspiring work is a symbol of Rock and Heavy Metal. Glenn Tipton has been the point of reference for many young musicians who built their careers with him as their musical idol.

1974 was the year he joined Judas Priest. As soon as he started working with the band, he got involved in the production of its first album: “Rocka Rolla”. This album ignited a passion within the band capable of propelling its most overwhelming success.

Priest was paradigmatic for the Metal as a whole. The concept of Heavy Metal is somehow defined by the style and nerve of these fantastic musicians. They collaborated with the consolidation of this style of music.

Rhino Records was the label with which Glenn recorded in 2006 a new version of his 1997 Atlantic Records album “Baptism of Fire”. This album included two bonus tracks.