Musical Influences

Although Glenn Tipton is known for his heavy metal performances, he had many influences when he started to play the guitar.

The earliest he recalls is a Blues band called “The Spencer Davies Group”, which their leading vocalist left a profound impression on him, Steve Winwood.

As many other musicians, he also admired Jimmy Hendrix, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin. He said “I still can’t believe where Hendrix came from. OK, Seattle maybe but he just suddenly appeared, as if from nowhere, this black guy playing the guitar in a way no one had imagined it could be played. He was more than a genius in my eyes, someone very, very special. I loved early Purple and the combined sound of organ and guitar gave them a very powerful sound, again unique at the time. As for Zeppelin, what can you say, ‘Whole Lotta Love’, ‘Communication Breakdown’, ‘Black Dog’, and the epic ‘Kashmir’ again a unique band with great songs. All these bands formed an impression on me going back to those early days”.