Early Life

Glenn Tipton was born on 25 October 1947, in Blackheath, Staffordshire, he was the son of Olive and Doug Tipton. In his early childhood attended to Olive Hill Primary School. His brother, Gary, used to play the electric guitar for a local band called the “Atlantics”.

His first contact with the music was under the teachings of his mother, Olive. Surprisingly enough, the guitar was not his first instrument. Although he admitted he never studied enough and also didn’t enjoy a lot of the lessons…

Actually, he started learning the guitar when he was 19 years old, but never stopped!

He worked in a Factory, and although it was hard labour, he admitted that he wouldn’t change a thing.

He said in one interview that he loved nature, he had a happy childhood, although they were not wealthy, but his dad always took care of the family and as his mother was a piano tutor, his house was always filled with music.

This is something I always attracted me, as I learned Classical piano on my early age (from 6 years old) but then teens came and changed abruptly to electric guitar (for my mother’s surprise) but even today I teach Classical piano as well, I never renounced this influence. Actually, I learned without even realising back then one of the most efficient techniques called Scaramuzza Technique, that also help me with my guitar technique later on.