The rest of the Tour (part I)

Brazilian people are so nice and enthusiastic about metal, it’s always a joy to be back over there with the band again. JP will share the stage with Whitesnake, amazing band and very good friends
Sao Paulo was the first. A city so massive that when you fly in it seems to go forever. More than 20k at Anhembi Arena and they know how to make themselves heard.
Rio was the next stop and the band has great memories here: the first time playing at this wonderful country was for Rock in Rio.
Belo Horizonte followed. The audience reaction could not have been better and for the last show there, in Brazilia, the band was a bit emotional. We had a little bike incident on stage. It seems like the brakes were broken. Fortunately, Rob survived with no injuries, and so Glenn’s pedalboard.

The concert in Racing stadium was one of the best of the tour. So much people were there! Argentinian fans are so supporting and loud: they sing they hearts out with the band all the way through.
The band used the free time to eat some steak and watch some inspiring tango shows.
No bike incidents this time, but we tried with another one: a yellow Harley!

Santiago arena was the next stadium, and the same as everywhere in South America, the audience loved to get involved. That’s what a JP show is all about!
Glenn enjoyed some great wine and fishing trout in the meantime.

The band only played in Colombia once and it was great to be back. Fans were supporting and lovely. They don’t get as many bands pass through as they should, so they really appreciate when a band of the magnitude of JP makes a stop there.

It was the first time playing in Venezuela and Costa Rica. So many fans at the airport to meet the band! JP signed autographs and took photos with almost all of them. They have waited so long for the band to come to their country!
In Costa Rica we found out there were people from everywhere in Central America. Fans from Panama, Nicaragua, El Salvador. Some of them had camped out for days to get tickets. A great experience that made Glenn realize how many other countries they have still not visited yet.

More than 20K fans crashed Mexico City show. One of the best audiences ever. Glenn stated “When a crowd gets behind you like that, it energizes the band to new heights and we had such a great time on stage. I know this is our last world tour but when you come off stage with such a great atmosphere you wonder if you can ever give it up. It’s in our blood!!”
Mexico was impacted by Priest visit but Priest was also impacted by Mexico. Supporting fans, amazing pyramids and great food made that trip very special.

The band was supposed to get a week off after the Mexico show, but they had the chance to do the Jimmy Fallon show and they’ve used it!
Playing for a TV show is totally different than playing live in a stadium but the sound was great.